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Today's world of materials and structures in transportation, civil, and electronic applications is more complex and demanding than ever.  All aspects of our civilization's infrastructure are aging as concerns about the interplay of costs, risks, and safety are rising.  Technology demand is growing for noninvasive diagnostics, but the necessary technology developments are shrinking.  To address and impact the world trends in this area, we are developing new resources for all interested to contribute to and participate in this venture.

Please use the links below for convenient download of copies of our Sponsorship Descriptions and Agreements. Please complete both the Sponsorship Agreement and CNDE Sponsorship Form and return according to the direction disclosed at the top of the CNDE Sponsorship Form.

We truly hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and sponsor our efforts to bring the world of NDT, NDE, and NDC closer together through CNDE.  We are excited to create this lasting relationship.