1711 Arlingate Lane
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Telephone: 800-222-2768

CNDE Mission Statement

At the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE), we are committed to connecting all parties around the world interested in the promotion, technology development, and discussions of nondestructive testing (NDT), nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and nondestructive characterization (NDC). We are determined to bring together people and organizations of all backgrounds in order to create a responsive, nondiscriminatory, and worldwide interchange that provides resources, avenues, and opportunities to further research and information exchange in the growing interdisciplinary fields of NDT, NDE, and NDC. As we continue to develop this virtual, web-based organization and expand on its potential, we are determined to offer vetted technical information to the members and NDT, NDE, and NDC communities. Through connecting with the leading technical sources and emphasizing community, CNDE’s strategy is to nurture shared interest projects that further develop technology needs and to participate in technology applications and distributions. We are directed by an independent and highly qualified Board of Directors and are advised by globally recognized members on our Technical Board.

The CNDE organization is:

  • Guided by the Board of Directors and the Technical Board;
  • A technology interchange that offers credible technology expertise;
  • A fully independent organization;
  • A sponsor of independent International Symposia focused on emerging technologies of NDT, NDE, and NDC;
  • Supported by a diversified group of industrial, university, service, and equipment sponsors;
  • Involved in interdisciplinary projects and activities chosen by selected needs and sponsored by interest groups; and,
  • Involved in the participation of independent and voluntary academic and research groups for the promotion of emerging technologies.

We invite you to tour our website at www.cnde.com for additional information about the company and our upcoming events.